Our Story

Enhancing Vitality — One Breath At A Time


Vitality Air was founded in 2014. At Vitality air, we strive to provide a premium quality necessity that isn’t always available.


Fresh, clean air…

Air is vital to ones wellbeing.


Vitality Air believes everyone should be entitled to fresh clean air, but we know that isn’t always possible due to where they are located. However, we make the impossible, possible. Our goal is to continually progress towards perfection. We are committed to finding the best possible air, capturing it in an unsurpassed method, and supplying it to our customers in a never seen before approach. We are a legendary company.


With that in mind, Vitality Air was founded. Moses felt the need to provide fresh clean air to everyone who couldn’t access it, but had no idea where to start on capturing the air. He made several phone calls to his friends and acquaintances and surely enough, he was able to find another person who shared the same vision as Moses. The phone call was to Troy, who as a former Commercial Diver possesses all the knowledge and qualities needed to Enhance Vitality – One Breath At A Time.

One week later our adventure began – and Vitality Air was founded.


Why We started Vitality Air

We’re entrepreneurs, nature lovers and people with ambition. There was a demand in the marketplace being met by poor quality products.


  • Existing products used canned and bagged air and wasted so much. We built innovative technology that gives the customer far more air and far more value.
  • The competition was collecting normal air that didn’t offer a unique experience. So we began capturing the freshest mountain air to give the best quality breathing.
  • Pricing made buying air difficult to afford. Our technology makes bottling air and delivering it cheaper than it’s ever been.


So why did we start Vitality Air? Because we think this product matters, and we knew there was a better way of giving it people. We’re committed to delivering the best, and our customers are getting an unsurpassed product as a result.

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The Company Founders

Moses Lam

Founder & CEO of Vitality Air

Moses is the founder of vitalityair. His story began as a struggling university student. Someone who couldn’t focus on school as he was distracted and fascinated with commerce, specifically e-commerce.

Mr. Lam. enjoys e-commerce as he feels it helps to make the world a smaller place. With the Internet, we are able to reach farther than ever before, and Mr. Lam is able to help others he wouldn’t otherwise have been able to help!

Shortly after Moses completed his education at the University of Alberta in the School of business, personal interests quickly took over. He ran a very successful security business, but mainly dedicated his time in helping people secure mortgages in the finance world.

With Moses’s passion on providing fresh clean air to everyone, he has decided to put all of that aside and initiate a business that will allow people from all over the world to experience health and wellness. Health and wellness they otherwise would not have been able to experience on a daily basis. With Vitality Air, we are able to bring a essential necessity, such as fresh clean air to anyone, anywhere.

Moses will use his experience in personal security, as well as his sales experience with mortgages to head up Vitality Air to ensure that we are constantly progressing towards perfection.

Troy Paquette

Troy Paquette

Co-Founder & COO of Vitality Air

Troy is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for Vitalityair. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this business. As a former commercial diver and Journeyman Red Seal Welder, Troy is able to have a diverse understanding of the importance of delivering fresh clean air.

As Troy was growing up, he was always the first kid out the door and the last kid in. Troy spent most of his youth being raised outdoors at the lake. His values and love of “fresh air” stemmed from those days at the lake with his Grandparents. Growing up in Alberta, nature, fresh air and the great Canadian Rocky Mountains were never hard to find.

Troy feels right at home with nature. That passion and love for nature will carry on through the products and our premium air that we will be delivering to you. We believe that our customers should have the same opportunity to breathe the fresh air that we do.

With Troy’s hands on skills and Moses’s passion for e-commerce, we together will offer an experience like no other. No matter where you live in the world – you too can breathe, clean, fresh air.