Our Air

We are committed to delivering the best air possible.
Remember the day when people laughed off bottled water?
“It comes out of the tap, why would I want a bottle?”

The truth is we have begun to appreciate the clean, pure and refreshing taste of quality water.
Air is going the same direction.

Vitality Air

  • Our specially designed bottle allows us to capture and retain the freshness of the contents inside.
  • No CFC’s, no propellants.
  • Accompanying each of our bottles, we have paired an innovative spray cap, or our famous 2 in 1 built in mask for precision delivery, allowing for maximum enjoyment of our products.
  • Our product is good to the last drop – there will be no waste.


All Vitality Air products are recyclable!

2-in-1 Cap & Mask

Check out our innovative 2 in 1 cap and mask. It allows for maximum portability, but also enjoyment of our fresh air at the same time!

8L of Vitality Air

  • Heavily polluted areas, and maximum enjoyment of fresh clean air
  • Dimensions : 6.7 cm x 23.8 cm x 6.7 cm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Number of Inhalations : upwards of 160 shots

We’re discovering that our senses can tell the difference between poor air and quality breathing. Just like bottled water, premium air is a growing industry because people are noticing the difference. Now with Vitality Air, anyone can access this high quality, convenient and affordable luxury experience.

How do we capture fresh air?

Wonder how we get fresh air from the mountains and into your hands?
It’s quite the process, and it involves state of the art compression and delivery systems to ensure only the highest quality air gets to your lungs.

Being the leader in a revolutionary product is difficult,
but we make it look as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

mountain icon

1. Capture The Freshness

We travel to the Rocky Mountains to find the freshest air. We fill around 200,000L of air each time. This process takes around 40 hours

compressor icon

2. Clean Compression technology

At these remote locations, we fill massive containers through a proprietary technology called clean compression, locking in the pure air without any contamination.

spray can icon

3. Fill Convenient Container

Back at our facility, we begin filling our convenient delivery cans to the brim with excellent air. Our delivery system has been built to provide safe and enjoyable air every time.

packaging icon

4. Distribution

Vitality Air is shipped around the world to our authorized distributors, for speedy delivery to our customers.

5. Customers Enjoy

When the air gets to you, it’s gone through quite a journey. We’ve invested a lot into our compression, canning and delivery process so that what you get in the end is the same air that hangs on the crisp Rocky Mountains.

How will this product benefit me?

Our highest priority is the health and well being of families. Fresh air plays a vital role in the physical and emotional wellness of people at all ages, and every role in the household can benefit from breathing cleaner.
The struggle has been that clean air hasn’t been easily affordable or accessible. Vitality Air exists to support the health of families in a convenient and cost-effective way. We offer pure mountain air in an easy to use can that offers dozens of clean breaths for use by your entire family.

Bottling Locations

What’s top of mind when you think about glacier mountains and sprawling green forest? For most, it’s a striking view, an untouched landscape, and deep breaths of pure, natural air. That’s what we pictured when we started thinking about serving the best air to people around the world.

The Rocky Mountains of Canada are a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here is where Vitality Air captures and bottles some the highest quality air in the world. We want our customers to experience breathing the way it was intended. Free of city pollution, fragrances and waste; our Banff and Lake Louise lines of clean air are unmatchable in quality.


The town of Banff is one of the most iconic areas in the entire Rocky Mountains. Just steps from glacier white peaks, delicate streams and amazing plants and animals. In the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Canada lies the small town of Banff. Filled with quaint shops and remarkable views, it's only a small trip off the beaten path and you find yourself surrounded by impressive nature.

We chose to bottle air from Banff because it's so memorable. People who visit this place instantly are drawn into the purity of the nature surrounding them. You breathe deeper and begin feeling healthier. Banff is more than just incredible mountain air, it's an emotional experience that we wanted to share with everyone.


For nature lovers, Lake Louise is a favourite destination. A picture perfect emerald lake is crowned by white-tipped mountain ranges. The giant blue lake instantly pulls you in as it contrasts with lush green trees and white tipped Rocky Mountains. In the winter, it becomes a paradise of powdery white snow.

It’s here that the mighty Rocky Mountains are defined, and it’s here that we bottle nature’s best air. The cool, humid atmosphere makes you feel alive, and that’s what we want our customers to feel.

Lake Louise was a clear choice for us to bottle our Rocky Mountain air from. It's clean and fresh, but it also makes you feel on top of the world when you're surrounded by a crown of mountain tops. We want our customers to breathe in a sense of wonder along with a feeling of healthy air.