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We often get questions about our air and oxygen products.
Isn’t air and oxygen the same thing?
What’s the difference?
Which one is right for me?



First, let’s talk about why oxygen matters.

In an over-simplified sense, oxygen is a critical ingredient that fuels the cells in our body. Along with other essential like water and nutrients, our body uses oxygen to power our brain, move our muscles and operate our organs. So we breathe air because we need oxygen, but normal air is only a fraction oxygen.


So if it’s not mostly oxygen in the air, what are we breathing right now?

Mostly nitrogen and a combination of other gases and particles. On average, outdoor air only contains about 18-20% oxygen. When you workout or overexert and feel ‘out of breath’, your body is struggling to get enough oxygen from the air you breathe. That’s where canned oxygen kicks in. Using highly purified oxygen will help you get your breath back quicker.


Athletes, for example, have long used purified oxygen to recover. You’ll see it on sidelines on football games as players break between plays. It’s completely natural, very safe and now, extremely convenient and affordable.


what’s the difference between our air and our oxygen products?

Our air is a true representation of breathing in the Rocky Mountains. It contains the same mineral content as beautiful, fresh mountain air, and only about 20% oxygen. People love our air as a break from the polluted environments they live in, or to transport themselves in a single breath to the Rocky Mountains.


Our Oxygen on the other hand is guaranteed to be at least 95% pure oxygen. This is the can you want in your hands between workouts or after a long hike.


We hope this helps clarify the difference between air and oxygen, and why we offer both types of product. But as always, please connect with us through social media or our website if you have any questions.

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