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Even seen an athlete with a breathing mask on the sideline? That’s purified oxygen going through that mask!

Why? After times of high exertion, the muscles of athletes consume much of their fuel, including oxygen. So to recover more quickly, they inhale purified oxygen. So whenever you feel ‘out of breath’, your body is struggling to get enough oxygen from the air you breathe. That’s where canned oxygen kicks in. It’s highly purified and will help you get your breath back quicker.

Now, you might not be a professional athlete, but your body will benefit from oxygen in the same way. It fuels our brain, our muscles and is needed in operating organs. In times of high stress, just like high exertion, some deep breaths of purified air can give you the boost you need.

  • Had a difficult meeting at work? 
  • Having trouble turning off your mind at the end of a busy day? 
  • Scrambling around trying to keep up with your kids?
  • Working through a late night of studying?
  • Just pushed yourself to the limit at the gym?

These are our daily challenges and exertions that push our body past its comfort zone. Having a can of oxygen in your bag or on your bedside table gives you convenient access to that refreshing breath to help you recover from those stressful times.


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