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Everyone has seen the top 10 to get fit. For us, we believe the hardest part for people is just getting started. Once you’re in a routine, read all the blogs about reps and circuits, but until you’re there, things have to start simple.




1. What is your motivation?

2. overcome your fitness fears

3. you can't work your way out of a bad diet.



1. get started!

The first step is the hardest because we’re creatures of habit and routine, but remember, your health should be a top priority. Pick a time and commit to it. Add it to your calendar and defend it from things that pop up.


2. Overcome your fitness fears

If working out was fun, you’d probably be doing it already. Get over the fact that it’ll be uncomfortable, and embrace the discomfort. Remember - every time you go it will get easier and easier.


Start with something that interests you:


  • Don’t like the gym? Look for home workouts.
  • Too distracted at home? Go for a run.
  • Hate running? Try an elliptical.
  • Crave activity? Trying dance or kickboxing.

The fitness industry has something for everyone. Keep trying new things until you find the activity that challenges you and makes you want to come back.



Remember, people are rooting for you!

Fitness can be intimidating. Going for a run or lifting at a gym can feel awkward at first. It seems like everyone is watching, but remember, they had their first day at the gym too. Don’t be embarrassed to exercise. We can often become our own worst enemy and use our fears to stop us from succeeding.


Need support? Get a trainer, work out with a friend, maybe join a class; these are all great ways to team up with people who will motivate you. Plus, when you book time with others, you’re far less likely to cancel!


you can't work your way out of a bad diet.

What goes into your body can be just as important as exercise. Replace the salty, sweet and with healthy and easy to reach snacks. When you’re tired, we grab for what’s easy, so make your life easier by cutting up your fruits and veggies as soon as you get home. Create easy to reach for snacks that fill you up, and don't forget to drink lots of water!


Looking for a boost to your workouts?

Keep a can of Vitality Air oxygen nearby, it’ll give your muscles the fuel they need to perform and recover from workouts.


We hope our quick list helps people add some perspective to their fitness adventure. Keep it simple! Find a workout for you, believe in yourself and put good things in your body.

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